NaNoWriMo Day 4: 2190 words (8100)

This was a good day. I’m sure I could have done more, but I topped 8000, which was my goal. I plan to top 10000 tomorrow.

I’m nearly a fifth into the book, and I still have lots to write before I run out of planned plot. It’s like making a presentation — I always assume I’ll have too little to say, and end up trying to cram stuff in. Luckily, nobody can cut off my microphone and give me the buzzer. I reserve the right to be longwinded, especially for NaNoWriMo.

Excerpt time:

“I understand that you had a meeting with Brother Kanen this morning. May I ask why he asked to speak with you?”

Tala didn’t know what business it was of Selko’s, but she could think of no reason to conceal Arbiter business from the Primate. “He wished to offer me a mission, Primate.”

“Yes, a mission.” Selko nodded in a way that confirmed Tala’s assumption that Selko knew of the mission. He turned and looked into her eyes, searching them for a reaction. “And did you accept?”

“I — I didn’t.” The fear of disappointing Selko gripped her and propelled her into a lie. “That is, Primate, I didn’t decline, either. The mission he asked of me was very great, and would try my resources. It may even be dangerous.”

Selko nodded again, feigning interest in the proceedings of the meeting. “Yes, of course. If it wasn’t demanding of us, it wouldn’t be much for a mission, would it? There’s never any need to send someone on a mission to do the ordinary.”

Tala couldn’t bring herself to ask if Selko knew the specifics of the mission — she presumed he must.

“You are a great Arbiter, Tala, and a powerful woman. When Kanen met with me to propose to offer you this mission, I agreed with him that you were the best choice. I have complete trust is your abilities, Tala. Whatever faculties you need on the way, whether you have them now or not, you will find a way to acquire them. You’ve always done what was necessary, and I’ve never seen you give up.”

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