NaNoWriMo Day 2: 1860 words (4160)

Not a bad day. Got to write the first major scene of the book, which was fun, and ended differently than I expected. It’s on the path I’d set out, but taking a different route.

I’m tired. Looking forward to the big weekend push, but moreso I’m looking forward to sleeping in. It’s still the weekend, after all.

Excerpt. Again, presented unedited, and for your interest, not for your commentary.

Kanen set down his goblet, and leaned back in his chair. He paused a moment, hands pressed palms together in front of his mouth. Then he broke into a smile, leaned forward on his elbows, and spoke. “Tala, I’ll get straight to the point. I have a mission for you.”

“A mission?”

“Well, a special task, anyway. No, mission is the word. I wish to send you on a mission to –” he paused, as if reluctant to speak — “a mission to the outside.”

Tala’s heart leapt to her throat. “I won’t. That is, I can’t.”

Kanen leant in further, grinning for a moment as if he had good news that couldn’t be shared widely. Then he seemed to come back to himself, and lean back, adopting a sober expression. “Sister Tala, I do ask that you hear the details of the mission before declining.”

“I regret my refusal, Brother Kanen, but I must insist. The outside –” Tala took several deep calming breaths. “The Metro is my home. I couldn’t take life on the outside.”

“Yes, of course. It is your right to decline.” Kanen broke eye contact, and looked down at the book, slowly flipping through pages. “It’s just that — oh, no, it’s improper to try to change your mind.”

Kanen could feel Tala’s icy gaze fixed to the top of his head, but pretended not to notice. Finally she spoke. “It’s just what?”

Looking up, Kanen suppressed a grin. “It’s just that this is a very delicate mission, and requires the touch of a strong and discerning Arbiter. It would be such a powerful opportunity for the right Arbiter to be of profound and exceptional service to the Consensus. You see, Tala,” again he leant in, wide-eyed, a solemn thickness in his voice, “it has come to our attention that there is a threat to the Consensus and the Metropolis that must be exposed.”

A chill set upon the base of Tala’s skull. She visualized blue crystals, which she thawed with a warming golden glow. “A threat?”

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