What to say when there’s nothing to say.

I find it funny that on those moments when there’s the least to say we feel the most moved to say something.

Tomorrow, I marry my love Tanya.

Our wedding comes at the end of a week-long heat wave in Victoria. I’ve been wearing work boots most of that week, mostly for comfort. Again and again, I’ve deflected well meaning inquiries. “Aren’t your feet hot in those boots?”

I explained that I got used to them in Australia, on my Permaculture internship. That’s true, as far as that goes.

I should have said “I wear them so I won’t get cold feet.”

The truth is, though, I’ve never had so much as a moment’s hesitation about the prospect of marrying Tanya. I didn’t started this blog to air personal situations, and I don’t plan to make a habit of it, but I feel this is appropriate.

I am more because of Tanya. I will be more and more as the years go on.

Our year has been dominated by planning for our wedding. It’s all coming together for a beautiful Saturday when friends and family gather to help us mark our passage into a new era. That’s exciting and inspiring.

But not nearly as exciting as it will be be to enter into that new era.

(I’m off to Morocco after the wedding. I’ll be home September 7th, at which time I hope the desert has given me some insights worth sharing.)


  1. Clint

    Love yah buddy, you will both do great tomorrow and even better as the years go by.

    Proud to be your friend and to stand up beside you tomorrow.


  2. lois


    Thanks for this post. I haven’t commented – I’ve read it a few times, it touches my heart with every read. You will be more and more with Tanya, and she will be more and more with you. And well, the two of you together!…….wonderful things will happen. Enjoy life!

    love, love,

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